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Joined: 26 September 2003
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19 August 2008 05:49 (UK time)

In multiplayer when a client tries to join the game, and there's über amounts of objects, the game doesn't connect well. as in, it takes about 100 tries to connect, and any connections achieved are completely random, as in, it's totally unpredictable.
So when we play ravagers of time, it's very very very hard to get into games, and the game usually only goes 1 hour before some glitch knocks out a player, or takes down the host. Then players joining after a glitch has taken out a player crash the host, and end the fun for everyone.
If you've played the Ravagers mode, you'll know how fun it is, and how terrible it is to crash, but when I spent the last 40 minutes trying everything possible to get my computers to connect, it's kinda disconcerting.

James, would there be any possible way you might be able to fix this.. like are their join timers that time player joins out? There might be issues because the games lose sync when players are loading the huge map.. but we've had a lot of success connecting, even if the map has significantly changed.

I hereby issue a request from the king of Barsor to hunt and kill any such bugs that permeate the lan(d) and thereby restoring peace. I also challenge James to play the coop campaign networked =)

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Joined: 03 January 2004
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19 August 2008 14:43 (UK time)

M2 isnt an MMORPG.

I remember havin a hard time running ROT alone, id be surprised if it were online compatible.
Legalize Crime.

Edited: 19 August 2008 14:44

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Joined: 26 September 2003
Posts: 1151
19 August 2008 19:18 (UK time)


it should be mmorpgrtssrpglolhahaha

yeah.. it works great as a normal game, but ravagers is sooo fun!! augh!

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