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Joined: 26 September 2003
Posts: 1151
09 September 2005 21:00 (UK time)

Great mod.
Me and my bro beat it in coop in 3 hours, except that

#1. The base Zeta was missing an exit.

#2. A few exits were extremely hard to find.

#3. The level in which you chase a train has no findable exit.

#4. Some of the coop start points were left in there original location, across the map from the Single player start zone.

#5. The file end.gif is in meteor 1.3, and is not needed in the mod. removing it will save space.

#6. There is no head to head map list.

Other than that, it was a great mod.

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James Bunting
Joined: 17 September 2003
Posts: 1302
09 September 2005 21:42 (UK time)

Yes coop rules, we have been playing your Afgan mod. It plays very well except you need to fix the coop start on the Kabul map but I think I already mentioned that.

I suspect that you may update the Afgan mod for 1.3 (add lights and player/object power ups etc).

Oh and don't forget the stay in coop flags on the powerups.

But generally the current selection of M1 mods is providing great coop play for those lucky enough to have a LAN and a buddy to play them with.

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Flammable Maniac

Joined: 30 June 2004
Posts: 209
09 September 2005 23:15 (UK time)

Yeah, my only problem is that I have no buddy to play with, they're all consumed by World of Borecraft... Stupid sheeps! Why is everyone playing that child game? Oh look at me! I pick flowers and hunt lobsters all day long! And only for 14.95 per month! Oh, I'm so gay!

People have no sense for the real games...!

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 Official Sponsor

Joined: 03 January 2004
Posts: 1799
10 September 2005 04:29 (UK time)

Agreed, World of Warcraft will never catch my interest. We need more Halflife style shooters. Here are 3 good examples.



Legalize Crime.

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Joined: 16 June 2005
Posts: 1599
10 September 2005 05:09 (UK time)

Whoops me! I thought that the Device Hunt could be the cooperactive but I never got how it could be set. I think I need to check those out!

About the metro station, I placed there a hidden switch. I think it became too well hidden! Here is a hint for ya: Click on all the north walls at that level. One of them is a switch that is very useful. Actually, the level doesn't end without finding it!

HH: NO IDEAS! <a href="">Why?</a> Well, I replaced it with the Devicehunt map list.

OK, HH will be impossible, the others I need to check out.
And maybe I should think about some HH maps. Let's C if I make up any.

Edited: 11 September 2005 06:25

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