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Joined: 04 November 2005
Posts: 7
09 November 2005 23:04 (UK time)

i have a question ... Can 2 friends play togeather whenever they want...? Or is there a server that needs to be up for ppl to play? Or is the server built in when ever a game is hosted?

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Joined: 16 August 2005
Posts: 46
11 November 2005 20:06 (UK time)

Well, we deside when We Go To MP.

mp means multiplayer

Edited: 11 November 2005 20:08

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Joined: 02 November 2003
Posts: 979
27 November 2005 15:47 (UK time)

Well, i would of answered this earlier, but I havent been checking the M1 forums as much ;)

Multiplayer isnt really the greatest right now, its very buggy.

If you cant connect to someone's IP, thats perfectly normal and its M1's fault, as its pretty buggy. I might not know the technical details in it however, but it seems like something that might be fixed in the future (as James is currently working on multiplayer for Meteor 2).

Try having someone else host the game for you (such as you or your friend depending on who it works with).

There is probibly more stuff you could do, but I dont know much about M1 multiplayer.

To get a probable better response, e-mail James Bunting, or post this in the Meteor 2 Forums (as you will get more of a response there, people rarely check these fourms).

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