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Joined: 18 May 2004
Posts: 1
18 May 2004 21:52 (UK time)

Me and my friend were trying to play togeather, but it stopped connecting with a message that said "waiting for player number from server" Should I wait longer or is it something else? We both have DSL.

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James Bunting
Joined: 17 September 2003
Posts: 1302
19 May 2004 10:20 (UK time)

This problem occours when the client is unable to connect to the server (or vice versa), the message is clearly misleading at the best of times.

Sometimes this happends periodically, if it always happens then the most likely cause is a firewall blocking access.

You need to ensure...

1) Each computer is connected directly to the Internet (has a public IP), if a computer connects to the Internet via a router or a network gateway then the incoming TCP port will need to forwarded to the internal computer's IP (a simple port redirect).

2) Make sure you are using the correct IP address, if you are on a network/router as described in 1 then you will must use your gateway's external IP and not your computer's internal address.

There is also some info <a href='' target='_blank'>here</a>.

I hope this makes sense.


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