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James Bunting
Joined: 17 September 2003
Posts: 1302
08 March 2004 14:57 (UK time)

This is rough guide to Meteor's performance over various connections and game modes, please correct me if I am wrong.

<b>LAN 10 or 100Mbs</b>
Suitable for all game modes including coop, there should be no lag at all.

<b>DSL/Cable (at least 128 outbound)</b>
Depending on the sever's outbound speed head to head play should not be a problem. Of course more bandwidth is more players. Location can be quite important, for example it could get pretty laggy is a player is in England and the server is in the USA.

<b>56K Modem</b>
The results of this were not pretty during testing, the lag was very high. Perhaps 2 players in a close geographical proximity could play but thats about it. A 56K client should just about be able to play on a nearby DSL/Cable server with more than 2 players.

Note that Meteor uses TCP and not UDP, although UDP is faster the packets may not arrive in the same order (in fact they may not arrive at all). Meteor's multiplayer system relies on games running in sync so TCP is an essential choice.

Edited: 08 March 2004 14:57

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