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Joined: 16 June 2005
Posts: 1599
15 December 2006 17:35 (UK time)

Well I, who have chatted in irc roughly few months now, have founded the M2 channel in Freenode IRC.

This basically is the M2 Chat but in a better server. Well I think it's a better server :p

- No JAVA support required
- ChanServ and NickServ exist on the server; easier and more supported way of registering a channel

- You will need an IRC Client in order to join the channel. Some good IRC Clients are KVIrc, mIRC, ChatZilla, and many others. I personally use KVIrc ;)

IRC Client links
KVIrc -
mIRC -
ChatZilla -

If you already have an IRC Client, there is no reason for me to force you to get a new one :p

BTW the link to the channel itself is:

Edited: 25 January 2007 13:21

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Joined: 16 August 2006
Posts: 416
15 December 2006 20:13 (UK time)

Good stuff you found there :) I dont have Any client, but i guess its time for me to get one :D.

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Joined: 16 June 2005
Posts: 1599
16 December 2006 07:51 (UK time)

Ye, tho I guess OperaNet's server is the best =P, it remembers the topic and modes. EDIT: IC, if you make ChanServ join the channel the topic and modes DO stay =D

QuakeNet's and EFNet's system sucks imo. They don't use NickServ => anyone can steal your nick. They don't use ChanServ => no channels can be regged.

Edited: 16 December 2006 13:16

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