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Joined: 02 November 2003
Posts: 979
09 March 2005 22:00 (UK time)

The video on the MDS was purty kewl. Now time to make it last a minuiute :D.


-Smooth camera, nice looking, all it needs is sound!

-Very great look on the MDS, though it seems a bit small, thought it was connected to a small space station :) (according to last M1 level)


- Short. But hey, were getting there :)

- If this is intended for the intro, i might add it isnt the right "style" for one. But, if JB has, or is going to have a "play movie" script in the game, good thing to use as an introduction while ash is whatching TV or is in NYC at times sqare :p.

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James Bunting
Joined: 17 September 2003
Posts: 1301
10 March 2005 00:19 (UK time)

Yes a new script command has been added to play movie clips.

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Joined: 03 January 2004
Posts: 1799
10 March 2005 03:15 (UK time)

What kinda annoys me right now is how many people are looking forward to more cinematic intros, but what kind of an intro would "explain" Meteor? in order to explain the story of meteor in a small intro would be really hard.
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Joined: 26 September 2003
Posts: 1147
10 March 2005 18:30 (UK time)

hey. Im glad you like the video. I had an extra 45 minutes in class, and worked on the MDS the entire time. Yes, I worked on it for 3 hours straight! I put the scene on a different computer to render it, and decided to play around with camera animations. Since I'm not very good with camers in 3ds yet, thats how it turned out. I though that it looked like it needed some text by it, so I decided to make it look like a logo.
No. It is not supposed to be th introduction movie. Its just a silly little clip that was soo small i though that people would like to see it.
About the actual intro movie: I think that i will be using CG and live action combined in a nice program called webpainter3. And summing up the whole story of meteor in 1 minute sounds like the kind of challenge im looking for. I'll get to it as soon as im done with my 20000 by 12000 pixel map=)

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Joined: 02 November 2003
Posts: 979
10 March 2005 20:56 (UK time)

Yippie! Play movie script :). You should consider the MDS video as a "commercial" that Ash is whatching somewhere. (i could make the map :D).

You dont have to summerize the entire story into the intro, perhaps some importaint action senes that Ash is fighting in that resembles some of M1's levels, to give a background. Then for the last 30 seconds (or however) it shows "present day" and M1 style levels being played merging into M2 style levels being played with some sweet kick ass music playing in the background hehe :).

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