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Joined: 26 September 2003
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22 February 2012 22:21 (UK time)

So, Here's the idea:

You've got a panel on one side of the screen that displays the last 10 or so objects that you used in your map editing, so you can easily click on any of them and select 'em to use 'em again.

You could even make it more advanced by letting users right click/drag over any object and the few objects around it would pop up in a radial menu. If you moved the mouse over any of them and released it, they'd be selected.

This way, you could save tons of time going into the object editor and finding objects.

It also might make sense to give objects categories like "vehicle" "aircraft" "trooper" "furniture" "plant" and use those categories to arrange them in the object selection area. This way you'd be able to find stuff faster.

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Joined: 13 March 2010
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25 February 2012 22:03 (UK time)

Nice idea! Wouldn't mind to see this kinda stuff in Meteor 1 too. :p

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