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Joined: 16 June 2005
Posts: 1599
12 May 2008 14:15 (UK time)

Nice job with those docs, James, however there's two things I noted in there:

1. Shouldn't there be a Table of Contents at the top of the script functions list so that the functions would be easy to access? In the M2 list I constantly use it :)

2. There's a typo in the textarea in the “Scripting Explained” -file, as there's “SC_SetObejctHits( ObjectId, 0);” instead of “SC_SetObjectHits( ObjectId, 0);”. (OK minor one but still worthy of pointing out IMO)

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James Bunting
Joined: 17 September 2003
Posts: 1302
12 May 2008 19:31 (UK time)

Sure I can add a 1 level TOC at the top. This is really easy as I wrote my own document generator.

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