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07 August 2008 09:24 (UK time)

Yep, it sure does work on Linux, I tested it out last night.

What you need is the Wine application and glx support.

To check whether you have glx support run the "glxgears" command in a terminal (which is a part of the mesa-tools package). If the gears move smoothly you should have no problems. If they don't.. well I don't know can I help with that.

Another common problem with wine is that it doesn't tend to play sounds. On my computer, sounds play though they randomly go out; that's another thing I don't know anything about.

Next, get wine if you don't already have it. Then, download the Rod 3D installer:
Once you have the installer, emulate it with wine. Then proceed the installation as you would usually do.

Now, create a new file /usr/bin/r3d (you need root access here), and enter the following:
wine /home/<your_username_here>/.wine/drive_c/<install_path>/Rod3D.exe

<your_username_here> is the username you log into your system with and <install_path> is the path where you installed Rod 3D into, without the drive letter. For example, I installed mine into "C:\games\r3d" and so <install_path> would be games/r3d for me.

Next, run the following:
chmod /usr/bin/r3d 0755
You need root access for this.

Now just run r3d and enjoy the gameplay :)


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