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Joined: 18 July 2013
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03 August 2013 08:29 (UK time)

This is what I learned from this movie:

Hugh Jackman is a huge-ass man.

Japanese people have a battle-ready samurai sword in every room of their house.

Everything in Japan is made of rice paper. Even their bullet trains.

Anamantium can only cut anamantium if you heat it up first. (Don't worry that doesn't really spoil anything).

...oh, and a bottle of water cost $5.00 wtf! oh and the House of the Dead machine was broken D:

I also would like to know why Smeagol from Lord of the rings was in this movie and wearing a red wig. Anyway over all I give it a solid C+. If you liked the last one then you'll probably like this one. The location has changed but the action is still the same. The CG was crap but the action was mostly entertaining. See it if you have the cash. Burn it if you're broke!(^^,)

We be moden'!

Edited: 03 August 2013 08:29

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