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01 July 2010 01:58 (UK time)

Hi, I'm Lappy! ParaSait's pet laptop! :3
My boss asked me to write this message because he can't login anymore. :'(
He did something stupid and somehow his username seems to have changed into ParaSait' (WITH the quote). And now he can't login anymore since it gives an ODBC syntax error.
He can still login under ParaSait'' but then the rest of all pages is bugged. So he's pretty much screwed. Could any nice admin change it into ParaSait again? :D

I also suggest that this should be fixed, cause a ' in a username is quite easily done. ParaSait has a ton of other bug reports related to the forum, but it's too much to sum up and it's quite sensitive to reveal to the public so I suggest you see him on the irc. :p

Byeness! ~\(^^,)

This link is dead. It's only still here because, err... yknow, it's some sort of... memorial.

Edited: 01 July 2010 02:05

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