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Dave Man

Joined: 19 October 2003
Posts: 374
15 November 2003 16:26 (UK time)

For my mod, I want the characters to have different helath so as the levels progress so does your helath but when I put 200 helath or any other health then 100 the game sets the health at 100 not the selected amount.

Edited: 15 November 2003 16:28

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James Bunting
Joined: 17 September 2003
Posts: 1302
16 November 2003 20:23 (UK time)

Hi Dave,

I have finally got 5 mins to look at this forum, having a real busy time.

Anyway this is being caused because the health is actually read from base\itemdefs.txt and not the character file. I intend to address this in 1.1.4 by making the value in the Player Character Editor actually work.


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Joined: 13 November 2003
Posts: 7
05 December 2003 13:45 (UK time)

Apropo Health Bug... If you change the sprite that should be used to show the characters health, then the character would only be able to shoot with laser!!

how can that be?

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Joined: 22 September 2003
Posts: 109
05 December 2003 14:37 (UK time)

It's because you are creating new character which doesn't have any weapons (check the Edit player weapons in PCE) This can be fixed by loading the default player (what comes with meteor) then changing the health sprite and saving the character.
If you overwrited the default player and you now have that buggy player in your meteor I suggest reinstalling meteor to different folder and then copying the default player to your meteor.

If you didn't understand anything just reinstall the game.

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