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James Bunting
Joined: 17 September 2003
Posts: 1302
09 February 2004 01:35 (UK time)

Finally it is here after months of painstaking effort. Now you can do a lot more with Meteor thanks to the pages of new features including little things client server multiplayer (64 players max) and 16 bit graphics. Try your luck on the new Base Delta mission with the Laser Chaingun or perhaps take on your buddies in the 12 new head to head levels (you can do coop too!). The stability of the game and all of the editors has also been thoroughly dealt with.

Thanks to all those who helped out on v1.2, your efforts have really paid off. I will document some of the details later.

<a target="_blank" href="">Grab v1.2 right here</a>

Have fun, oh and <a target="_blank" href="">
here is the changelog</a>, I suggest that you take a look.

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Joined: 22 September 2003
Posts: 109
09 February 2004 13:17 (UK time)

GJ James!
This was worth waiting for.

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