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Changes from v1.42 to v1.43 (26 March 2024)

Changes from v1.41 to v1.42 (22 March 2024)

Meteor v1.42 contains many engine updates and fixes which are not listed below.

Changes from v1.4 to v1.41 (24 January 2023)

Meteor v1.41 focuses on fixing mod support as well as bug fixes and improvements.

Changes from v1.32 to v1.4 (15 January 2023)

Meteor v1.4 is the first release in over 16 years and is part of a programme to modernise the current Meteor games before moving forward.
Meteor v1.4 is a complete rewrite preserving as many features from the original as possible while also bringing a few older features back.
There are far too many new features to list here but here are some of the key changes:

Changes from v1.31 to v1.32 (31 August 2006)

Changes from v1.3 to v1.31 (5 September 2005)


Changes from v1.21 to v1.3 (4 September 2005)

A lot of these changes are pinched from Meteor 2 but where reasonably straight forward to add to Meteor 1.

New Console commands

New Command Line Switches


How to Convert Mods from v1.2 to 1.3

Changes from v1.2 to v1.21 (7 August 2004)

Version 1.21 is a minor fix release.

Modded sounds now replace original sounds with the same filename.  The Meteor sound system uses many samples for each sound effect, for example there can be many samples named "battle" (e.g. "battle1.wav", "battle2.wav").  When asked to play the sound "battle", Meteor will randomly pick one of the "battle???.wav" samples.

In versions prior to 1.21 any modded sounds where simply added to the sample list.  For example "mod_folder\sound\battle01.wav" would not replace "base\sound\battle01.wav".  Sound files with the same names in mod folders now replace the original files.

Changes from v1.1.3 to v1.2 (9 February 2004)

Version 1.2 is a major release containing numerous new features and fixes based on what is practically a re-write of the original game.  Many of the major changes and features are listed here but there are a lot more minor things that are not.



Behind the Scenes

New Command Lime Parameters


Note that the server will only participate in the game if the player spawns, therefore its pretty close to a FDS.  Just be sure to keep the meteor window active (see Issues).

Stuff that Did Not Make It (because its not really important)

Known Issues/Notes


Meteor v1.2 is a major release that is packed with new features and improvements (most notably being the new multiplayer integration and improved editing features).  Large sections of the game have been ripped out and completely rewritten to produce the most stable version of Meteor to date.

Changes from v1.1 Test 2 to v1.1.3 (12 October 2003)


Map Editor

Behind the Scenes


Meteor v1.1.3 is an interim release which addresses major issues with some minor new features.

Changes from v1.1 Test 1 to v1.1 Test 2 (24 July 2001)


Fixes and Improvements


Meteor v1.1 Test 2 appears to be totally stable (well almost)! This combined with improved optimisation makes it faster as well!

Changes from v1.0 to v1.1 Test 1 (11 July 2001)


Fixes and Improvements


Meteor v1.1 Test 1is a lot more stable than any earlier version. With support for total conversions and better editors it is really shaping up.

Changes from v0.63 Beta to v1.0

Behind the Scenes

What to expect in Meteor 1.1?

Changes from v0.63 Beta (release 3) to v0.63 Beta (release 4)

Changes from v0.63 Beta (release 2) to v0.63 Beta (release 3)